Autumn Term - 2021

The children have settled into Year 6 and Pentire class extremely well this term.

In Maths, we have spent time reminding ourselves about place value, the four operations including long division and times tables before moving on to the order of operations and fractions. It’s great to see good progress in our weekly arithmetic challenges as our scores improve.

In Literacy we began by looking at suspense writing and after learning our text, ‘Night Terrors in Cairo’, enjoyed writing our own suspense story. This led us to become reporters as we wrote newspaper articles based on the crimes committed in our suspense story. We are finishing the Autumn Term writing persuasive arguments in the style of a formal letter; we’re looking forward to seeing who the children decide to write to, and what they try to convince them of!

Our topic work has including building spaghetti towers where we designed, evaluated and then redesigned towers using spaghetti, marshmallows and jelly babies to see who could build the strongest tower. We’ve also had a look at lines of latitude and longitude, the equator and time zones around the world.

In Science we began by exploring different environments and thinking about how plants and animals have adapted to survive in extremes such as the desert and the Arctic. We had lots of fun creating our own animal and adding features that would help it survive in our chosen environment. We then moved on to learn about natural selection and evolution, researching the Peppered Moth to find out how it survived air pollution, and designed our own experiment to replicate birds feeding using different types of tweezers to work out what type of beak is most successful.

In PSHE we thought about rules and how we might form a viewpoint using evidence, holding a mock trial where we debated whether the evidence proved guilt or innocence. We linked our art to this by learning how to draw a portrait and then creating our own portrait as a courtroom sketch.

More recently we have considered our key values and how they compare to those of a Humanist or a Christian.

The children have enjoyed getting outside for PE where we spent the first half term learning skills in hockey and netball before switching to tag rugby and tennis in the second half term.