Autumn Term - 2021

It has been really amazing to welcome the children back into school this academic year. The children have enjoyed their learning and enjoyed being back in school. The children have been very resilient and they have shown a great attitude towards their learning.

We started the year with our spaghetti towers unit of work. This was such a great way to start the year, with the children having to think critically about how to strengthen structures to build towers which were both as tall as they could make them but also strong enough to hold an egg.

Next, we moved on to our ‘Man Hunt’ topic. We started by learning about how we could use latitude and longitude to help find locations around the world. We also studied composition as a sketching technique to help with our portrait sketching. In PSHE, we learnt about how we can put forwards our viewpoints in a debate. This half term, we have been learning about Humanists and Christians, and how their views compare to our own. We have also learnt about morals and why we have rules in society.

In our Science, we have been learning about evolution and inheritance.

In Maths, we started off by extending our knowledge of place value and the operations. We have now moved on to learn about fractions.

In Literacy, we have studied a variety of texts. However, a clear favourite has been our work on suspense writing.