Computing and Home Learning

To keep your children safe online over the Easter break – please consider the following:-


1.                   Parental controls: Parental controls have been designed to help you manage your child's online activities. There are various types, some of which are free but others which can be bought. However, nothing is totally fool proof so this shouldn't replace the support and guidance you give your child to help keep them safer.  For more information and step by step instructions on setting up parental controls, visit Parental Controls & Privacy Settings Guides - Internet Matters. 

2.                   Supervise their online activity: Keep the devices your child uses in communal areas of the house such as the living room or kitchen, where an adult is able to supervise. Primary-age children should not access the internet in private spaces alone, such as in a bedroom or bathroom. 

3.                   Explore together and chat little and often: Ask your child to show you their favourite apps, games and sites and encourage them to teach you how to use these. Ask them if anything ever worries them online. Make sure they know they won’t be in trouble and can get help by talking to you or another adult they trust if anything happens online that makes them feel worried, sad or scared.  


Please don’t forget, you can find out more from 


Gaming is popular with both children and adults and can help to cure that lockdown boredom! If your child is gaming, you may have some questions about how to keep them safer. If so, check out - gaming: what parents need to know.  In the cases we have been told about, the chat facility within certain games was where the children were first ‘met’ before being encouraged to ‘meet’ on other platforms or apps. 


For a guide on the apps, sites and games your child might enjoy, visit: Net Aware. 


Take alook at Thinkuknow: Thinkuknow is the national online safety education programme from the National Crime Agency. Thinkuknow offers learning activities, advice and support for children and young people aged 4-18 and their families. The Jessie & Friends animations for 4 to 7s will help you start a conversation about online safety and for 8-10’s, there’s the Play Like Share animations and the Band Runner game and advice website .  


Help your child identify trusted adults who can help them if they are worried: This includes you and other adults at home, as well as adults from wider family, school or other support services who they are able to contact at this time. Encourage them to draw a picture or write a list of their trusted adults.  


Talk about how their online actions affect others: If your child is engaging with others online, remind them to consider how someone else might feel before they post or share something. If they are considering sharing a photo/video of somebody else, they should always ask permission first.  


Use ‘SafeSearch’:  Most web search engines will have a ‘SafeSearch’ function, which will allow you to limit the content your child can access whilst online. Look out for the ‘Settings’ button on your web browser homepage, which is often shaped like a small cog.    


Visit for more information on keeping your child safer online. 

Below are the results of the Edurio COVID-19 impact review, survey for families carried out in June 2020.
Online Learning
Please note that this page is being updated regularly and therefore new links or information will be added - please keep checking back here to see.  Our policy is just below this box and can be downloaded.
We are working as quickly as we can to make some really good quality resources for children to use at home.  Whether you are using a laptop, desktop, tablet or phone, your child should be able to access resources that they can use.
Currently we are using Class Dojo or e-schools to share learning if your child is at home. We will shortly be moving to the use of Microsoft TEAMS. More information to follow on this soon.
The team of staff are currently receiving training and they are learning all the time, so please be patient.  If you're having trouble logging in or accessing resources please contact the school office or your class teacher and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
All children on roll at St Columb Major Academy will have free access to MS Office 365, including Teams (where most of the work will be shared), MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
Please remember that this is still internet based and therefore it's always a good idea to supervise what your children are doing.  If you (or your child) see anything which is upsetting or inappropriate, please follow our e-safety guidance and report it asap.