Developing the Forest School Area

We are currently in the process of developing our Outdoor Learning and Forest School site. We are fortunate to have a large field across the road from the school that we can use all year round. Being so close means this is convenient for all members of staff to access. This green space has a perimeter of well established trees for the children to use for their outdoor learning experiences. We now have a large shelter so the children can learn under cover all year round sheltered from the wind, rain and sun. We have large water containers providing a sufficient water source so the children can access water independently. The Forest School also features a large mud kitchen, two rope swings, a fire pit, hammocks, wood working area with tools and benches, a bug hotel, and finally a slack line. Children of all ages enjoy these features immensely and are a popular choice of activity. The children also love to use the sticks to make large dens under the trees. 
Our future plans consist of planting more trees and wild flower seeds to attract more wildlife. To plant willow to create ached tunnels, domes and dividers for the children to learn and play in. This will create divided spaces for the children to learn and play. We would also like to develop a storytelling area, created with willow. This would feature a large storytelling chair and seating for the children.