Our displays here at St Columb Major ACE Academy are used as a fantastic way to showcase how well our children are doing, whilst showing the importance of presentation and respecting their learning environment. We also believe that creating a safe and happy school is one factor in enabling our pupils to thrive. This means we work hard to generate exciting, interactive and informative displays that mean something to the children and that look great!


A variety of subjects that reflect what we do and achieve at school are covered in our displays, some of which are…

  • Class displays – working walls and topic work
  • Accelerated Reader displays
  • Key Stage Maths and Literacy 
  • PE and sporting achievement 
  • Hall displays that cover healthy eating and assemblies.
  • Eco Council
  • Intervention 
  • Music achievement and concerts
  • ‘Wow Work’ 
  • Art and Topic 
  • British Values

In the classroom we like to showcase the achievements of our pupils, encourage positive attitudes to presentation and show that their learning and work is valued. We also use displays to help support children in their learning, through informative posters and resources. We have introduced ‘Working Walls’ this year, that change with what is being taught in Maths and Literacy. Accelerated Reader displays also show the progress the children are making with their reading in a fun and interactive way, using for example racing tracks, waves and a woodland scene.


We also like to bring a fun and imaginative element to our school. So in addition to the above, we have enjoyed creating artworks that can entertain the children, such as murals in the stairwell up to the Year 6 classrooms and displaying the lanterns the children have made over the past few years.


We will continue to create displays to enhance our school, allowing our children to feel happy and engaged, giving them a place to be proud of and belong. We hope you have enjoyed this small visual insight into our school and we will share with you how our school develops and changes throughout the year.