Early Years

EYFS at St Columb Major Academy

The Early Years classrooms are furnished with amazing resources and furniture from Community Play. The environment has a calm and natural feel with wooden tables and chairs, furniture and hessian display boards. This allows children to play and work in an environment that is less distracting and hectic, supporting their focus and learning while allowing their work on the walls to be the centre of attention.

The two classrooms are joined with a sliding partition which we open during continous provision. The children are able to flow between the two classrooms and outdoors during their own learning time.

At St Columb Major Academy, the children learn mainly though child initiated play. The experienced Early Years adults teach the children and move learning forward through the children’s self-chosen play. We also teach the children in small focused groups and whole class taught lessons. This enables us to teach children new concepts and skills for them to practice and apply within their play.

We use half termly topics to plan the learning, however we allow the children to guide this so they are motivated to learn about topics that are of interest to them. We are passionate about learning outdoors and encourage the children to spend lots of time learning in our large outdoor space.