International links/Global Learning

On the 24th of September 2019, St Columb Major Academy commenced our Global Link Launch, a celebration of our links to the international community. Pupils and adults brought in a plethora of international artefacts into school to bring the wider world indoors. From learning about Richard Lander and his incredible journeys to Sub-Saharan Africa and the suitcase he took with him, each class curated their very own Suitcase of International Artifacts which was presented back to the whole school.
With this launch, St Columb Major Academy will commence its Global Learning to inspire and prepare our pupils to become significant members of the international community.

Global Learning at St Columb Major

This academic year, pupils in St Columb Major and across the Kernow Learning trust have been involved with the Global Learning initiative: investigating their connections and relationship with the global community, environment and role as ‘global citizens’

After a very successful Global Link Launch, where we celebrated our tangible connections with the global community. This term’s focus has been on food production, consumption and specifically the United Nation’s Global Goal of Zero Hunger. With 1 in 10 people globally and 1 in 9 in the UK experiencing malnutrition, this Global Goal aims to eliminate hunger by 2030.

Pupils, parents and governors at St Columb Major have been exploring our connection to food production, food sustainability and how global issues such as climate change are connected and profoundly affecting food production. Once we have dissected these issues the pupils then design methods of solving these problems with the vital aim of inspiring hope and empowering pupils to play a confident and constructive role in their futures.

This year we have also been celebrating our new school links in Uganda. Many schools across the trust have been given the wonderful opportunity to Connect Classrooms through the British Council to share teaching practices, cultural experiences and ideas for a more sustainable future. St Columb Major has been linked with Maundo Primary in eastern Uganda. Mr Smith, the Global Learning lead has been in regular contact with Mr Bernard the head teacher at Maundo Primary, which is not only a school to 1000 pupils but a self-sufficient organic farm! With trips being planned for the new year these links will offer incredible sharing of teaching practice and experience.