Residential Year 5 - Source to Sea April 2019

The end of March was the most exciting week of all. We went on the Source to Sea camp. We started in Lostwithiel and travelled all the way down the Fowey River. It was absolutely perfect weather and we all paddled for 5 hours through the meandering river as it made it's way south to the sea.
We watched as the river changed from high banks, to sand banks, to coves and on to the harbour where jetties and boats of all shapes and sizes are made, mended and sailed. We also saw some other unexpected sights. We saw an Adder Sanctuary, a recording studio and a China Clay Plant. 
On the second day we walked across Bodmin Moor. We were looking for the source of the River Fowey. We saw the tiny stream as it began and made it's way through the open landscape. There were many different animals and tracks, fields and moorlands to see. We found lots of different bones of animals too. Simon, our instructor, told us all the stories about the Beast of Bodmin Moor. We were fascinated by the idea of a huge black cat roaming the moor and asked many questions about how it could survive.