The Hungry Hub @ St Columb Major ACE Academy

Our school meals are prepared on site by our in-house catering team. Please ensure that the confirm with our admin staff in the Main Office if your child has any specific dietary requirements and we will ensure these are catered for.
A school lunch is free for children in Years R, 1 and 2 under the Universal Free School Meal scheme or those children in Years 3 - 6 who are in receipt of free school meals.
The cost of a school lunch for children in Years 3 - 6 is £2.30 per day, to be paid in advance, via our ParentPay system. Please see the admin staff in our Main office if you experience problems or require assistance at anytime.  We do from time experience some technical issues with some online payments and will endeavour to resolve these as quickly as we can to avoid too much inconvenience to you.
If you think your child is eligible for free school meals please click on the link below or pop in to the school if you need any help. 

Reminders regarding School Meals:

1. All school lunches must be paid for in advance.

2. No child should be sent to school with no money on their ParentPay account and expect to

    be given a meal. No child will be left without food. We will contact parents if they do not have


3. Parents who don’t want their child to have a school lunch should provide a healthy packed

   lunch or arrange to take them home for lunch.

We encourage all children to have a healthy and nutritional meal at lunchtime and a snack during morning break.

Research shows that children who have a nutritionally balanced meal (rather than one that has too much sugar and fat) are better able to concentrate in lessons. All meals prepared at a maintained school must comply with the government Standards for school food in England.

We also encourage children to keep hydrated during the school day, preferably with water or other drinks without additives or added sugar. We do have water bottles available for you to purchase from our Main Office should you wish to do so.